Monday, February 21, 2011

LTUE: The Rundown

Ever feel like you've been rundown by a big, metaphorical semi, full of inspiration and smelly truckers?

Enter LTUE. Especially the smelly trucker part (try sitting in a small room packed to capacity + 47). Of course, the inspiration also participated in full.

I'll highlight a few LTUE favorites:

  • Met some ladies from Alaska. Always exciting to meet new writers who are awesome.
  • Tracy Hickman, "It doesn't matter if you're published; it's everything if you're read."
  • The Writing Excuses podcast. On finding out your story isn't going to work out, Howard Tayler said, "I can't save this patient, but he'll make an excellent organ donor."
  • Seeing fellow writer L.T. because she gives the best hugs.
  • Dinner Saturday night with Dan Wells, his wife, and Bree Despain. How can you top a sushi dinner, eaten while discussing writing? You can't!
  • During James Dashner's keynote speech, mishearing, "Everyone needs an agent," to, "Everyone needs an Asian." I couldn't keep a straight face through the rest of that topic. Despite my hearing problems, he did a great job.
  • The workshop, "Psychology of the Samurai." Fascinating stuff. Seriously.
  • A breakfast run with Donna, Jeff Savage, and our KGB friend, Ryan Uhrey. Savage is probably the nicest guy out there.
  • Meeting new author Tyler Whitsides. Very cool individual who has an excellent cover for his book.
It was a great conference and I had a great time. Thanks to all those who participated, and to Inkers Donna and Kirk who ensured the laughs never ended.


  1. So sad I missed it this year. I may try to use it to my advantage come World Con . . . :)

  2. Debbie may have not been able to keep a straight face but I had tears streaming down my face when she shared her hearing issues at Dashner's main address right before he said, "Not all agents(Asians) are created equally." He went on to describe how prompt his agent is in responding to his requests and emails and many other agent comments that took on new meaning as I continued to hear asians in my head.

    So many great quotes and good lessons from this year's LTUE. If you have some favorites be sure to share.