Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Thoughts With Bullets

  • First off, go read Graham's big announcement.  Congrats to our dear friend from all the Inkers.  We are so happy for you.  First Schaara, whom we all adore, and now a huge step in your career.  This is a good day for you.
  • I love bullets (the typing kind not the killing kind)
  • With that said, I do love to shoot a .22, but its pretty hard to kill with a .22.
  • Recently I was given a gift that allows me to have digital music.  I know, I know, I am late onto the scene, but hello--I have only had high speed Internet for less than a year.
  • With said digital music, I have been listening to more music. One of the albums that I've rediscovered is Evita (the one with Madonna--don't judge me, I love it. I've always loved Madonna, mostly).  One line from one song has stuck with me:
  • Better to win by admitting my sin than to loose with a halo
  • Ponder on that thought and get back to me.  I've got some thoughts of my own.


  1. Yes, congrats to Graham. That is very exciting!

    I love Madonna too, in spite of herself and her new British accent. Evita is a good one. I like that line. Since no one on earth is really halo-worthy, I agree, it's better to 'fess up. Sometimes I confess too much and get myself in trouble...

  2. Thanks you guys :-)

    I love bullets too. In all forms.

  3. Graham, you're awesome! We all agree. :)

    I've never heard all of Evita before, so thank you, DJ, for sharing that line. I'm loving it. :)

  4. The lyric I like from Evita is, "Sometimes it's very difficult to keep momentum if It's you that you are following."