Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hero Worship wisely

I'm not an expert on hero worship (unless the hero is Thor, as established recently here on Debbie's blog) so it should be a short post. I want to talk about some authors I admire (NOT a comprehensive or complete list by any means) and also ways that our group has learned to network without getting any restraining orders against us. I've chosen these authors because I really admire their professionalism and their writing.

First the Authors and why I like them:

Brandon Sanderson (author of Mistborn and many other NYT Bestsellers)because he is friendly and loyal and is willing to travel far distances to hang out with his friends or save a small town indy book store. Plus he's pretty good at writing too. (understatement of the year)

Dan Wells...oops! Wrong Dan Wells.

I'm talking about this Dan Wells today.
(author of I Am Not A Serial Killer)
Putting aside the brilliant trilogy he has written (which is the only thing from the horror section of B&N that I've read since I was 14 and forced to read Stephen King with friends while camping), he is very professional and has a charming wife, who believes in his writing. Dan is friendly and genuine. Mainly though he really knows his stuff when it comes to both writing and publishing.

Bree Despain (author of The Dark Divine series)

Bree is an inspiration to me. She is patient and interested in people and she writes intriguing stories with heart and meaning. She has not had an easy road to publishing, but her road and her story inspire many. Bree has some of the most loyal fans ever and mostly because she cares about people.

Second the tips:
1) Respect personal space.
2) Be friendly, like "visiting with a new neighbor" friendly, not crazed stalker "I know what you did last summer" friendly.
3) Listen-Everyone likes to talk about themselves.
4) Food is a good bribe and an ice breaker.

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  1. I don't think Dan would appreciate you posting a picture from his high school weight lifting days. But in my opinion, if you've got it, then you'll want other people to admire.