Friday, May 20, 2011

Sometimes: Tip o' the Day

"Sometimes" and "some times" should be used at different times. Here are some examples of when each is appropriate.

"Sometimes I just want to throw that book across the room."
"Some times are better than others to break that kind of news."
"He is always arrogant but only sometimes brilliant."
(another use) "She is a sometime winner of that award."
"You surprise me sometimes, so give me some times to work around."


  1. Top o' the day to ya. Thanks for the Tip o' the day!

  2. Yay for Sir-Kirk-a-lot posting this great tip. Sometimes I wonder when I will find some time to write a post.

  3. Sometimes I spend some time debating the proper use of these words.

    In the immortal words of Evil League of Evil member Ter-Mohel, "You can keep the tip."

    But not really because I'll probably use it.

  4. Nicely explained, Kirk. Now excuse me, I have to go search my manuscript for a certain word . . .

  5. Sometimes Kirk is merely awesome, but there are some times when he is most awesome.