Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scene It

I know some of you will sigh and say, "Another post about the Hunger Games series Linda? Not much else going on in your life?" Well, there's actually too much going on in my life so I thought I'd take the easy road this week and share a blog post from EW re: the scene in the Hunger Games movie Jennifer Lawrence is most excited to film.

It caused me to ponder which scene in my WIP I'd most like to see played out on the big screen. I would say the ending scene (not giving away details) or the scene where my main character breaks down in front of the guy she's always loved for the first time and shows the cracks in her reserve.


  1. Ooooh Fun thing to ponder . . .

  2. First, I love what Lawrence had to say about those scenes!

    Okay, so the scenes I might want to see played out are easily the opening and final. But there is also a pivotal scene near the climax that I might want to see as well.

  3. I totally agree. I'm more excited to see it know that Gary Ross and Lawerence have cought the vision of the story. A movie adaptation where the director and the lead actor 'get it' can be incredible.

    As far as the scene in my WIP that I would like to see on the screen?
    For effects: The final battle over the lost souls. It would be awesome in anime as the Asian magic is the key.
    For emotion: When she sees his apartment.

  4. I love playing my novel in my head movie-style. My favourite scene is when the enraged stalker pelts everyone with jellyfish.

    Based on a real life experience. For serious.

  5. Oooh...good post here.

    For GHOST MACHINES, I'd probably want to see the final melee most of all :-)

  6. Kimberly, LOVE LOVE IT!

    The scene from my book that I'd most like to see is a dream sequence involving piled up bones of the dead.