Saturday, May 7, 2011


I've invented a new slang word I'm using more and more these days- blahther. It should be used when one is feeling blah and bothered at the same time, as in "Oh blather, I still have three hours of work left. I'd rather be sunning myself poolside sipping a frosty beverage."

Feel free to use it as often as applicable, as I am hoping it will someday be added to the slang dictionary. Anybody have some favorite slang they're using lately?


  1. I'll ponder and get back. :)

    Lstely my motto has been just keep swimming, just keep swimming, ...

    but I love blahther. i think i'll use it!!

  2. I like blurg too. :)

    DJ I've found it's best to use it following "Oh" or as a stand-alone word. I've used it twice already today.