Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've mentioned in that past that I have some vivid dreams.  (herehereand here)

Last night I had another, this time in movie format.  I woke up thinking it was pure craziness.  The dream consisted of famous actors, ballgowns, lies, running away, and hidden places were ballgowns of the past lived on. I think at one time the living room turned into a pool. 

Disappointment flooded me when I woke up cause one lady was about to spill the beans on her big secret to her wicked Mother-In-Law.  Dang it!  My conscious mind isn't crazy enough to fill in the gaps.

Oh well.  Whatcha all been dreamin about these days?  Anything crazy?


  1. Last night I had a dream that I was in a first paragraph reading contest with Kristin Nelson and Sara Megibow as the judges. I was up against Scotty McCreery (a finalist on American Idol) and I worried because everyone had their paragraphs memorized except for me.

  2. Then you imagined the audience naked, yet somehow wearing a giant chicken suit, and the Terminator appeared on stage saying "I am not the father," and you could also fly, but TSA had to violate your rights before every takeoff, and 9 months later TSA WAS the father, but you only let them have every other weekend plus holidays because they're deadbeats, and finally you pitched to Kristin and Sara, and they kind of stared at you and said "Ma'am, this is the Alabama State Bar Examination, WTF are you doing here," and then you found ten dollars.

    Right, Debbie?

  3. Exactly, Graham. That's just what she told me happened in her dream...oh wait that was MSN this morning.

  4. I recently had a dream about a hunky Australian actor from a cheesy Australian show that I will not be naming at this time. All we did was talk....dang it!

  5. Ha ha Arlene. Unfortunately my dreams this week have all been about work horror. I can't escape it!