Monday, May 2, 2011

Let's Go To The Movies

I have a really busy day, so I'm taking the easy road of blogging. King of Awesome, Graham, posted this blog about his favorite movies. So I'm copying him and asking, what's your favorite movie?

My most recent favorite movie is, "Inception." (If you want to read the last time I talked about it, click here.) I'll admit I loved the ending. Any movie that has articles/blogs/websites dedicated to discussing what the end of a movie means is a good movie to me.

What movies do you like and why?


  1. I've had Inception from Netflix since it came out on DVD. And we still haven't watched it. (Steve saw it at the firehouse without me)

    I'm not sure what my favorite movie is right now. I'm pondering that one.

  2. Favorite of all time, as I've mentioned before: Casablanca. Best. Dialogue. Ever. Also best supporting characters.

    Favorite Rom-Coms: When Harry Met Sally, Bringing Up Baby, Jerry Maguire, 16 Candles

    Fave Fantasy/Sci Fi: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (duh), 5th Element, Blade Runner

    Fave Comedies: Airplane, Dumb and Dumber, Vacation

    Fave Drama/Suspense: Rear Window, The Maltese Falcon, Goodfellas, and recently The King's Speech

    I could go on and on...

  3. I'm copying Linda's style of list. :)
    Here I go:

    Fave Drama/Suspense: Deceived and Australia

    Fave Comedies: Run Fat Boy Run (Is that considered a comedy, Donna?)

    Fave Fantasy/Sci Fi: LOTR, Star Wars, Minority Report and, funny enough, Legend (yes, the one with Tom Cruise

    Fave Rom-Com: Return to Me

    Fave Action: Mission Impossible: 3 and The Dark Knight

    Still haven't seen The King's Speech, Linda. I'm holding out hope that there will be a PG-13 version coming out.

  4. Lene you are in luck, the PG-13 version is out! Run, run to your nearest theater. :)

  5. Oh yeah! And I forgot to mention "Stranger Than Fiction". I don't what genre I'd put it in, but I love it. :)

  6. Yes, Arlene, Run Fat Boy Run is a Comedy and it is up there with my favorites.

    Here is a list of my favorite movies not particular genre but definitely an order of awesomeness-
    Pride and Prejudice-A&E 1995 of course
    Star Wars
    The Power of One
    Legend (Yes same as Lene's)
    Sleeping Beauty (Disney)
    Terminator (the original)
    How to Train Your Dragon
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Henry V (Kenneth Branaugh's version)

  7. Dang! I forgot to mention a couple of those, Donna! How could I forget How to Train Your Dragon?! And The Incredibles? Not to mention most of the other Pixar creations! And PRIDE AND PREJUDICE?! How could I forget?!