Tuesday, June 28, 2011


These are my old boots, newly conditioned. Exciting! Right? Picture to come later. :) Scott and I are going on a backpacking trip soon and I've spent countless hours researching what I'll need to be prepared and comfortable whilst hiking 9-14 mi per day with 30 pounds on my back. Boots, apparently, are top priority. (They get you in and they get you out). As well as a bear canister which keeps your food supply out of the paws of bears and other critters. And a water purification system. Other things, like shelter, something to sit on and cooking gear with come waaaaaaay down the list!

However, when looking at gear lists, I've noticed that everything on them is essential including a journal with a pencil and a book. While I'm looking forward to time well-spent with my spouse, I'm also looking forward the peace and serenity found only in the wilderness. Time with some paper and pencil outlining characters, plots and grand endings is something I am eagerly awaiting. :)


  1. Sounds like a great adventure. Should be a great opportunity to write, with no internet distraction. Enjoy!

  2. Its funny because I always think I will get a lot of writing done when I get away from the world on a trip like this but the truth is that I'm so occupied with soaking in the scenery or experiencing the moment that i don't write much. The most I usually get are some jotted descriptions of setting, trees, sunlight, pine needles, smells, sights and sounds that are hard to duplicate in front of my computer screen then when I go to build an ocean scene for instance I grab my description notes and read again about all the little things that have slipped my mind since the last time I sat on a beach.

  3. So true, Donna! Which is why I'll probably just bring a notebook and pencil for notes. I get so much more writing done in an hour at Starbucks than anywhere else. :)