Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Inkers Met Last Night

I hosted Writers' Group last night.  I had forgotten that I was hosting until about 5.  Unfortunately I had to take my boy to football at 6 till 8 (when everyone was slated to show up).  Good thing I had the house in decent state but there was no time for the traditional goodies . . .

I digress.  We met and tried to write.  Linda, Arlene, and Donna all did great.  Debbie was sitting next to me and she wasn't in the mood to write.  Add to that the fact that I haven't written anything for months and I was less than prolific.  The biggest struggle I had was because its been so long for me.  I opened several WIP's and tried to get back into them.  They are good and I need to finish.

The other Inkers are all plugging away nicely.  Sir Kirk-A-Lot is working on lots of freelance projects.  So, do find people that make work difficult (in a totally fun way)?


  1. DJ...I can't believe you outed me like that!

    I tried to encourage you to write. Just with a little extra flair.

  2. I actually wasn't productive at all, maybe a paragraph. I'll blame Debbie too.

  3. I blame Debbie and DJ. If you two weren't so funny, I'm sure I would have gotten more done. Still I know for a fact that you, DJ, worked on new projects today and I worked on some and Debbie edited some. I really felt like though we didn't write a lot of new material during our writing time, the sharing portion of the evening was so inspirational that it made up for Debbie's destracting jokes and Sir Kirk-a-lots distracting emails. And by today we were in the mood to get back to writing.