Saturday, June 11, 2011

Get Your Head in the Game

After three weeks of a fairly stressful work schedule that included 40 hours of overtime in 10 days, I began to pull up my WIP last night and was horrified to realize I had no memory of precisely where I left off in the story. If it had been printed on paper I would have had to blow the dust off the top sheet.

I reread the two chapters leading up to where I stopped, to reacquaint myself with my train of thought, and slowly started to feel some of my mojo coming back to me.

It reminded me of something the author Gennifer Choldenko said at a conference I attended. When asked about her writing routine, she said she writes during the week and takes the weekend off, but she never lets more than two days pass without writing because the story gets too cold. I really want to adopt this habit, although I will likely use the weekend as two of my writing days and skip two during the week.

I always like to hear about other people's writing routines, so please share yours if you care to. Are you a night owl, early morning, on-the-go writer or something else?


  1. Unfortunately, all my best ideas come while I am driving my car. ;)

  2. I have at least one really good day a week and all the others I at least look at my story. Or that's the thought anyway.

  3. I try to find a good chunk of time at least once a week. Like 4 to 6 hours of writing time. The other days I do what I can. The truth is that work and life get in the way of writing for about 4 months of the year and I'm more productive when work slows down and let's me think.