Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Reading

Are you a big summer reader?  Does your summer reading habits tend to follow Summer blockbuster trends?  Do you change your reading material for summer-time?

How about the kids in your life? Do you keep them reading?  Do they change their reading habits?

I love reading outside in the summer time.  Summer I usually read middle grade books, especially award winners.  I set a goal years ago to read all of the Newberry Medal books.  I'm still not there (cause some of them are downright depressing and I just don't go there.  There is a reason my nickname is DJ Rose.)  But for whatever reason I love reading about kid books during the summer.

Some of my favorite medal and honor books are:
Princess Academy
A View to a Saturday
Whipping Boy
Westing Game
Out of the Dust
The Graveyard Book
Al Capone Does My Shirts

        My list could go on and on, but its my boys birthday and I am needed in the kitchen!

You can see a complete list of winners here.

Happy Summer Reading!!


  1. I just read The Graveyard Book for the first time a couple months ago despite having been a Gaiman fan for years. LOVE!

  2. Summer reading does seem different, probably that childhood connection of being out of school and just reading for the fun of it. Looking forward to digging in to some good books!