Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm totally late, But This Is Good!!

Its not my day to post.  I missed my day.

Its me by the way (DJ Rose), in case you were totally confused.

But I read this post (and even though I follow his blog I usually don't read it.  I must have been inspired to read it.) and thought I totally needed to share it with all of you.

One Good Piece of Advice

Summed up, it says you need to give yourself permission to suck.  And I so needed to hear that today.  I am way too hard on myself and my writing.  So, starting today, I am going to keep writing and not worry about the massive amounts of suckage that is pouring off of my keyboard.

Happy Writing.

And go read the article for crying out loud.  Its a good one!


  1. Thanks DJ. Totally good advice. I think every writer struggles with that at some point, if not all the time.

  2. Thanks DJ its great advice. Love Savage's blog.