Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Things

First- Writing short stories is a lot of fun. I keep telling Donna that I'll eventually work on a short story that I love enough to develop into a full-length novel, but it hasn't happened yet. So, I keep writing short stories. Two things I've realized while writing are: a.) short stories don't write themselves. I still have to put some time and effort into them and it has taken me much longer to write one than I thought it would. And b.) writing short stories is a great way for me to practice important aspects of my writing such as meaningful character and plot development as well as good pacing and development of scenes.

Second- Dessert for breakfast = a happy morning. My sister shared a recipe with me recently that almost made me swoon. It's an Italian dessert called Pasticciotto. Essentially, it's a pastry cream pie. If you love pastry cream, then this is the dessert for you!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Funny how we still have to put in the effort even for the short stories :)

    The pastry looks divine. How'd it taste?

  2. It was fantastic! It's all I can do not to eat the last two pieces.

  3. color me jealous of the pastries. Keep working on the short stories. There awesome.

  4. And by "there" I'm sure Donna means they're. But give the girl a break. I happen to know she's tired :)

  5. Can't wait to read your short story, and don't just tease us with the pastries. How bout a recipe?