Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My kids started school yesterday. Hooray! However, I was sorely mistaken about how much "extra" time I would have to write. Any guesses on how far behind I am in the writing challenge?....that was rhetorical.


  1. You can't be farther behind than me. I have zero words so far. However, I have been thinking a lot. I still say that counts.

  2. I haven't given much thought to that writing challenge myself. I'll probably have more time to think about it after I come back home from my Boston trip...

    Are there any specific rules on what to write? Like, how will we be able to determine who wins this contest? Will we be reading and critiquing, or what? I'm just not sure on this.

    I'm planning on making some huge, needed edits on an existing story of mine. Will that count?

  3. There are more instructions on the writing challenge coming on Thursday.

    Your edits count too. It's all about getting something done, even if the something is a new habit of writing a little each day.

  4. I am currently thinking about writing while eating a Paradise Bakery snickerdoodle. Who says I can't multi-task?