Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Sham or the Real Deal

We are traveling to Four Corners. Here is my question: Since the recent discovery that the precise location of the states' boundaries are actually two miles off, do I travel there? Do I take my children to the tourist attraction, which is now a sham, and let them do the crab walk in four different states? Does it matter that now they are not in four states? I did it as a kid, and have the pictures to prove it. Millions of people, American and otherwise, have traveled those dusty roads to be in four places at once. And now we all have to make the trip again. Will the government build a new road? Will they transport the platform and all the Navajo stalls? Half of the coolness factor at Four Corners is the stalls. I’m looking forward to picking up some turquoise jewelry . . .

So maybe we’ll just go and take pictures of the sham, knowing it’s a sham, and still love our time there.


  1. Go there and plant a flag that says "I SAY IT'S HERE AND YOU CAN'T CHANGE THAT!" Reality is what you make it anyway

  2. Go with the tradition. Who knows they may sign a new boundry act next year and move the boundries back to the tourist spot. Crab walk wherever you want to. And then will you please come back here? Life is getting boring without you. (Don't tell the other inkers I said that.)

  3. Oh yeah, you gotta do it! Who cares about a technicality?

  4. Graham, that is awesome.

    I think most people feel that way. We stood in line to pay $3 a person to go see the sham.

    But I will say that the Navajo stands were amazing. The craftsmenship was amazing.

    If you go, bring CASH. We only found one stand that took a card and we paid our entrance fee in quarters. BUT WOW!!! It was awesome.