Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is Anyone Else Tired Of...

The Trilogy?!?!

I know, some of the best books out there are trilogies and publishers probably couldn't survive if they put out huge thousand page novels for first-time authors blah blah blah. But, really? It seems like everywhere I go, I have to pay three times for the same story. Why is this?

Okay, I'm done complaining. I'm going to take this moment to direct your attention to the above lefthand corner of your screen so you can witness for yourself the delightful news. Yes, I was last week's winner in the "War of the Words". (Don't worry. You didn't miss anything. I just made that title up). I do this, not to boast (haha!), but to bask in my glory days while they last. I'm pretty sure they will be over on Friday at midnight.


  1. Congratulations on winning! Way to go, Arlene!

  2. Thanks, L.T.! I've been informed that Graham is far surpassing me. Big shock there. :)

  3. Yeah, I see what you're saying. I've enjoyed many trilogies or longer series, but it seems like everything is a series now.

    From a marketing standpoint I can understand it, but I read a book recently that I found entertaining, but the ending was so much a cliffhanger and obviously a set up for a series that it annoyed me.

    Congrats on your count last week! You left me in the dust.

  4. I think I'm only ever going to do one series, and I'm working on it right now. In fact, I'm using it to mop the floor with Arlene :-)

    To whom do I e-mail my word count at the end of the week?

  5. Graham, you can email your weekly word count to any of us :)

  6. On Friday by Midnight for the Saturday tally. don't worry you were not the only one confused this week. I thought we were calling the winner the "Grand Inker" for an entire week.

    Lene is a the Grand Inker...hahaha.