Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Need a Laugh

Provide a caption for this photo.


Finish the Limerick:

There was an old lady...


  1. Caption: Put another dime in the jukebox, baby!

    Limerick: (Sorry. This isn't an original one. I couldn't think of one good enough.

    There was an old lady from Kent
    Whose nose was terribly bent.
    One day I suppose, she followed her nose,
    And nobody knows where she went.

  2. Caption: Lilly N. Grober turned 102 years old day. When asked what message she would send to friends and family she said, "Nanner, nanner."

  3. Being a fan of the Failblog, I had to put this picture into my uber-powerful drawing program and integrate the caption into the JPEG. The final result is on a Grahampage :-)

  4. There was an old lady who liked heavy metal,
    Her head bang was rockin' while filling her kettle.

    Donna, I laughed out loud when I read yours!

  5. Ha! Good efforts - thanks. I decided it wasn't fair not to contribute my own so here they are:

    There was an old lady from Bonn,
    whose kids had moved hither and yon.
    She decided to go
    to a Kiss show.
    And now she tells people, "Rock on!"

    The caption: The world's oldest living punk rocker, Ethel "Vixen" Birnbaum, turned 90 years old yesterday.

    Graham - Where can I find yours?

  6. Ha! Good one Graham.

    Where did you find that picture of Snoop reading the BOM?