Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Story Fodder

I've just returned from two trips that were separated by a three day weekend at home. Both were for family reunions. (See previous posts)

Family is great stuff for a writer. You know them intimately; you know their weaknesses and their strengths. You can use them for characters in your stories (changed enough, of course, so they don't know they are being mocked in your masterpiece).

Another great use for family and writing is everyone's anxieties. Just listen long enough and you will find the makings of a great conspiracy theory. Between all the different philosophies in my families, I found at least 7 different conspiracy theories.

I guess it takes looking hard to find the opportunities in fiction, but when found they can be more precious than jewels.


  1. Everyone is a potential character, but our families are really at our mercy.

    I'm glad you made the most of your vacation time. You'll have to give us some behind the scenes scoop so we recognize where some of your inspiration came from when we read your stories.

  2. Love it. I have an awesome paranoid aunt who thought the Justice Department was coming to arrest my Canadian Husband when the missionaries stopped by. Don't know why she was so worried but it makes a great reaction to a very innocent visit. Two men in suits..too bad the Justice Dept doesn't recruit more 19 year olds.

  3. You do have an awesome family, DJ. Funny thing is Joy and I were watching the Whedon show Angel the other night, and there was a policeman in it who looked JUST like Steve. He showed up on camera, and I turned to Joy and said, "I didn't know Steve Conger was an actor!"

  4. Hahaha true that Linda, we love our fams but they are fodder for future stories! Like Louis L'Amour said, everything is grist for the mill.

    I bought a little wall-hanger sign at Storymakers that reads "All of my enemies end up as victims of incompetent villains in my novels". So it cuts both ways :-)