Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catch That Great Idea

Last week I was camping. :)  And I had tons of amazing ideas come to me for one of my WIP's. (One that's been sitting on a shelf for two years.)

I didn't write any of them down.  And now I can't remember most of them.  I guess I need to go camping again to capture great ideas.

What do you do to make sure you don't loose any of your genius?
Did you notice that I failed to join my crew at the top of the Arch?  Yup, I'm a little nervous around heights.  Good thing I have an adventurous hubby who can take the kids scrambling to their hearts content.


  1. I usually have a pen and pad handy so I can grab it and jot down any ideas, descriptions, or moments that I want to capture. Often they seem more brilliant at the time than when looking back, but hey, being a genius is hard work.

  2. Since most of my great ideas come to me in the shower, its not easy to write them down the moment I think of them. Often I try to expand the thought and then (a little later) I write them in a handy notebook near my bed. I almost always have something to write on and with in every room of my house and my car.

  3. Deb's method is good--pen and pad. Get one of those small composition notebooks from wal mart, the 80-cent ones that are like 3 inches square. They're bangarang, I use them constantly.

  4. I'm surprised there aren't any smoke signals to the stenographer across the mountains. That is my typical favorite method.

    And Donna, when you are in the shower you should totally yell for Marko to come and take notes. That is what spouses are for, no?

    Bangarang? LOVE that word and movie. I want to be a kid and have a mulitcolored food fight.