Friday, April 8, 2011

Palette, Pallet, Palate

Fun little editorial tip for the week. With so many homophones in the English language, it's hard to keep them straight sometimes, especially with the ones that have three or four different spellings/meanings. Here's one that I keep seeing done consistently wrong across the board:




And just remember, knowing is half the battle. (The other half is getting past how freaky the inside of a human mouth looks.)


  1. Esp with those hooks on the botton holding it open. Yick.

    Thanks for the visiual help. :)

  2. To be honest, I'm a little homophonic. It's a phobia treated by studying the inside of the human mouth.

  3. I'm with you, DJ. That picture is disturbing. If you could see me now, I'd be shivering.


  4. English is quite the language.So many rules made to be broken... Sounds like you're getting a lot of stories featuring artists, furniture movers, and dentists. Good to know what's hot in the market right now.

  5. What's up with the hooks really? Its drawing right so couldn't the artist just draw and open mouth? yucck!

    Awesome post Sir Kirk. I'm sure I'm guilty of these very mistakes sometimes. Now if I could just get a handle on the there, their, they're issue I'd be good.