Saturday, April 2, 2011

Contest Update

We are going to postpone our announcement of the pitch contest winners until Tuesday due to some Inkers being out of town this weekend and needing time to get together for a consensus. Sorry for the delay.

I'm impressed with those of you who entered and put your pitch out there for the cyberuniverse to see. I have a confession. Every time someone finds out I am working on a novel and asks me what it is about I feel like a deer in headlights. I've written a pitch, but I get self-conscious rolling it out to co-workers, extended family members, anyone outside of our writing group. I tend to try to deflect questioning with lines like when I recently answered a male co-worker with, "Oh, it's women's fiction, you wouldn't be interested."

I don't know exactly why I react this way, other than this particular story is based on a lot of personal experiences, some fairly emotional for me, and being a somewhat private person I feel like telling this story is a little like letting everyone see me with only my knickers on. I know this is something I need to get over if I really want to try and get the story published, but it can be intimidating.

So, no matter the result of our little contest, you should all be proud of putting that foot forward and giving it a shot. I applaud you.

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  1. I feel similarly, like it's more challenging to pitch my book outside of the writers community. I especially hate when I start with, 'It's a YA dystopia," and I get the, "Huh??"