Monday, April 11, 2011

Cover Fun

I recently went on a shopping expedition and ran across this book in the $1.99 sale bin:
So my question is, what would you put as the subtitle of this book? Mine would read, "Wanna touch my broadsword?"



  1. I'm so disturbed that I have no comment. But a round of giggles is building up inside of me.

  2. The story of a man without a face and his giant sword.

  3. "I'd hit that...

    ...with a battle axe."

  4. To all of our new friends, I just want to say that cover art has been a discussion many times on Inkingcap, but I'm not sure we've ever seen one quite like this.

    The warning here is that cliches exsist for a reason. To avoid the $1.99 bin at the local superbox store, stay clear of questionable placement of the broadsword.

  5. It could read: "Highlander Ever After....because it's just that long."