Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Next Happiest Place on Earth

Since I will be romping around at the Magic Kingdom when you read this I thought it might be fun to see who has the potential of being the next Walt Disney out there. Disney has held the title as king of fantasy for a long time. I think we need to create a new world in theme parks.

For a kid-friendly theme park I've always thought I'd love to visit one that was a cross between the game Candy Land and Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, the perfect blend of tasty fun and creepiness.

Do you have an idea for a cool theme park? What would your ideal theme park be like? Could your current WIP inspire one?


  1. I've wanted to visit the new Harry Potter Theme Park. It looks like a blast, but who knows if it'll actually measure up.

  2. Ditto on Harry Potter Land. Totally want to go and take the kids.

    Since I grew up in Orando, it's hard to imagine a theme park I haven't already seen, Disney, Aligator World, Circus World, Bush Gardens, Sea World, Cape Canaveral, LegoLand, Dollywood, and Epcot Center all were part of my life as a kid.
    My WIP wouldn't work really since its all about being forgotten, and you would want a theme park to be memorable. What about a theme park based on Avatar the Last Airbender (I would enjoy bending a few elements) or other family friendly anime?