Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hungry for the Movie

As I have confessed here many times, I am a major fan of Hunger Games. Here's the latest on the movie.

I'm so glad Suzanne Collins is part of the writing process. I think the Harry Potter movies suffered with J.K. not being involved with the screenplays.

I've decided to withhold judgement on the casting because if S.C. is happy with it, who am I to judge?


  1. I'm glad Gary Ross (the director) is a fan. Even if his vision is different than mine, I think his passion for the project will come through.

    At least I hope :)

  2. Can I just say that the Harry Potter movie are dumb? Now, don't go stoning me yet. But I'm reading the books and then watching the movies and they are totally disappointing. (I have seen Deathly Hallows and that one I didn't mind, but I haven't read the book)

    And, can I say that Gale is melt worthy.

    Is there a date set yet? When can we expect to see Hunger Games?

  3. And seeing Peeta smile makes me a little more hopeful. The original pic I saw of him gave me some doubts.

  4. The movie comes out next May. I dunno about the kid who plays Gale. I think the Peeta kid will be good. Dunno about Katniss either.

    I'm just glad it's not Kristin Stewart.

  5. I agree DJ. The Harry Potter movies to me have always been disappointing compared to the books, especially Half Blood Prince.

    Ha ha Graham, I agree on Kristin Stewart. My hubby said the other day he's so glad they didn't cast her, Pattinson, and Lautner as the Hunger Games trio.

    According to EW, the movie is set to be released on my birthday next year - March 23. But, that can always change. If it doesn't change, I know what I'm doing for my birthday date.