Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its Wednesday Its Wednesday Its Wednesday

Its Wednesday.

oh wait, I already said that.

ToDay I would like to share with you all my secrets for success.

I, of course, am a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING author.

Did I mention that my book got on the New York Times list?

Here are my secrets:

Oh, you thought I would actually share?  Ok, well here you go:

Ok, fine.  I don't have any secrets.  Cause I still haven't finished a freakin story.

Here's hoping you have better luck following through than I do.


  1. What, DJ? I'm shocked! Simply stupefied! You should follow my example more. :)

  2. You'll fill in those blanks DJ, just one more mountain to conquer. :)

  3. Lene, I do need to follow your example.

    And Linda, I feel like lately all I got is mountains. No meadows, no valleys, no streams. Just mountains to conquer. (The first being laundry)

  4. I have a few mountains too. Just find a shady spot on the hillside to rest or tie off the line and float for a while off the edge. Climbing is great and it will make us strong but sometimes in the quiet we get the answers we're climbing for.

    You may not have a finished story but you have some great beginnings and endings never come without that. Also I'll say it again. You've climbed farther than any of us in your writing. Your current projects are pure inspiration to those of us lucky enough to have glimpsed them. Keep going. NYT bestseller is on the way.

  5. All it takes is a commitment to continue, working a little at a time, and one day you'll have a finished manuscript.

    Don't believe me? I have a manuscript to prove it :)