Monday, September 21, 2009

Acronym Soup

I don't "Ebay" very often. Every once in a while, I find a need for something that I can't find at the store so I look online. Recently I decided to look for a Halloween item. I was slightly appalled to realize that Ebay is attempting to ruin the English language. Descriptions like "EUC" and "NWT" kept popping up, these foreign acronyms with mysterious meanings. I even saw a few descriptions that read "GR8'. Apparently typing out the entire word "great", which is only two letters longer, would have taken too much time and space. LOL!

We even have to shorten the names of celebrity couples, like "Brangelina" and "Gyllenspoon". Perhaps, to save time, we can all legally change our names to form some combination. From now on, I want people to refer to my husband and I as Rebbie Hibberson. Kirk might have to be known as "Jirk", a slightly easier transition. LOL!

LOL is so overused that, while some still use it to indicate humor, others use it to say, "I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this conversation."

These acronyms are popping up everywhere that writing is found; on blogs, in emails, texting, and even Ebay. At this rate, it won't be long until an actual novel is passe, and we have shorter, acronym filled books that take up less space. LOL!

What's your take on the acronym revolution? Love it? Hate it? Do you have a favorite acronym? Give me your thoughts.


  1. I hate it. I don't even use it in games. Laziness aside, it constitutes a complete contempt for the rules of language, which is why English is so messed up in the first place. Furthermore, it's just plain stupid, and so are the people who use it.

    HOWEVER, in defense of using it in an eBay item title, the amount of characters you can use is limited. So maybe they were out of space as to what they could type. Unless of course the title was short, in which case we're back to stupid.

  2. So, we shouldn't be expecting the entire book of anagrams to be your first published work, Graham?

    P.S. Congrats to Donna for making it on the Inker of the Week board!

  3. I might use gamer-speak from time to time, but never text shorthand. It's okay to pwn n00bs but LOL is never acceptable.

  4. One of my nieces was reading a book where the story was told entirely through text messages. I read a few pages and it was very annoying, and way too salacious for a teen novel in my opinion.

    Some of these acronyms make it easier to curse or speak rudely because you're not really saying it, just using the shorthand. I see it as another roadblock to interpersonal communication brought on by modern technology.

    I love technology, but I don't want it to replace traditional, more personal forms of communication. I try to use those acronyms sparingly.

  5. Honestly I think Dibbert works much better. ;)
    It's a win-win with me: Jirk or Koy. Either Asian carp or a big meanie. Let's make an exception for Donna and just call her Donkavic (gesundheit!), or Spleen (for Arlene) or SteveJ, or Leterson...this is getting fun.

  6. I guess I dodged a bullet with the whole combo-name thing then, hehehehe :-)

  7. We can still come up with some name combos for you, Chops. How about Gradley? Or Hambra? Perhaps Grabra? That last one could make you sound a little perverted :)

  8. Grab bra? Sheesh Deb, what do you take me for ;-)