Thursday, September 3, 2009

Karma gods...forgive me!

Why is it that when I say anything slightly critical of anyone the Karma gods strike directly at my muse? Oh yeah, it's because we're not supposed to judge others. Well, this week I'm pretty sure that I managed to not say anything very snarky...In fact I am pretty sure that I am suffering from reflected bad karma. I listened (yes merely listened) to a critical (but true) remark and now my muse is dancing away in my stuffed up head and my flu symptoms WILL NOT allow me the time or energy to put my inspiration on paper.
Beware the Karma gods...they are vengeful in the extreme. Either that or I have a head cold and the meds are making me loopy.

Maybe we should take a poll.
1 Evil Karma Keepers?
2 Loopy on meds?


  1. That is a silly question. You are the nicest persone I know. Even when you are critical of someone, you always are so diplomatic. I've always wanted to be like you.

    So my vote is: Drugs and the head cold.

    I'm sorry you are sick. Do you need some fresh spaghetti sauce? (I'm bragging now--I got three quarts of homemade spaghetti sauce from my first bunch of tomatoes--everything in it was garden grown--except the herbs. I haven't mastered that yet) But its chunky, thick, and tasty. I could bring some. I'm sure the love cooked right in would heal that head cold (and bad Karma, just in case).

  2. Karma gods all the way. haha! Although, I might be choosing that option because I think I'm cursed as well. Misery loves company. ;)

  3. Why Donna, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    Mhua ha ha ha!

  4. YES DJ I could definitely use some spagetti sauce cooked with fresh veggies and lots of love. Bring it on. And thanks for believing in me.