Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remote Control

As a child who loved, and I mean, loved television, the start of the new Fall TV season used to make me tingle in anticipation. In my youth, they would do a one hour preview special of the Saturday morning kids' shows during primetime. I would beg my mom to watch so I could pick my hits and plan my schedule. Shows like Land of the Lost, Isis, Shazam, and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl kept me glued to the set. Over the years, my love for the box has waned, which I'm told is healthy and allows one to actually accomplish things. Not that I don't watch, but there are fewer shows that I get really excited about.

In this coming season I am most looking forward to the finale of Lost, a show I have immensely enjoyed, despite feeling as though the writers/producers themselves got lost around season 3. This past season was their definite best and sets things up for a great finish (fingers crossed). It is the only drama series I watch because, at the end of the day, if I'm gonna watch drama, it's got to be entertaining drama and not-like-real-life drama. My other returning favorites are 30 Rock, The Office, The Amazing Race, Survivor, and American Idol. Two other favorites, to my delight, run year-round - The Soup, and Conan O'Brien. My rule for comedy is it has to routinely make me laugh out loud to be worth my time.

Although I have made a vow, a casual vow, not a solemn one, to not take on any new shows until one from my current line-up ends, I may cheat and watch FlashForward since Lost is almost done. The premise of FlashForward is that it "follows the chaotic repercussions after every human being on earth blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds," according to EW. The cast is also intriguing, with Joseph Fiennes and Dominic Monaghan on board. Besides, with one of the greatest inventions of all time, the DVR, at my fingertips, I'm no longer at the mercy of the TV schedule. I watch when I want, save time by skipping commercials, and yes, make time to actually accomplish something of my own - finishing that novel.


  1. Hooray for the new season! Too bad we canceled our satelite service. I can still watch online, though, so the shows I'm waiting for are Heroes, Castle and Chuck.

  2. DANG! I have also opted out of new shows since I'm so busy, but now you made me interested in FlashForward. Thanks a lot!!

    I am excited for the Lost finale, and my new favorite show, Burn Notice.

  3. Hey, we might be in on the FlashForward watch. Seems like it could be good.

  4. Or you could just be broke like me and not HAVE a TV... :-)

  5. Now I know the secret to how you get so much writing done, Graham.