Friday, September 4, 2009

Rafting Down the Weber River

I'd like to dedicate this post to my wife, Joy, who is unbelievably amazing. She planned an awesome birthday weekend for just the two of us, involving rafting the Weber River, up by Park City, checking out a movie and trying out California Pizza Kitchen for the first time (it's crazy I haven't been there before since pizza is my ambrosia), and dropping in to Barnes & Noble Sugarhouse (the best B&N in Utah, people! Two FLOORS of printed goodness!!).

The best part of that last bit is that she let me browse for at least an hour (I lost track of time, so it might have been an hour and a half or two, but she had her book to read, so she was happy enough and as part of her birthday gift, she never once rushed me).

I ran into some great titles that I hadn't noticed before, like S. M. Stirling's post-apocalyptic series, starting with Dies the Fire, which looked amazing! I also added some Guy Gavriel Kay to my list, along with The Drowning City, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (I also convinced a lady while near the Neil Gaiman books that no, she shouldn't buy American Gods for her younger kids, even though they loved Graveyard Book . . .), A Shadow in Summer, and Aurelia's Colors (isn't that a gorgeous cover!). I have been eyeing for some time Glen Cook's Black Company Chronicles, and so that was my pick for this BD B&N trip. I think it's the same artist that created the phenomenal cover for John Brown's debut novel, Servant of a Dark God.

Magnificent covers, aren't they?

Anyway, back to why I love my wife: because she knows me better than anyone and couldn't have planned a better birthday weekend getaway.

Love ya, Babe!



  1. Oooo! Can't wait to hear how "Chronicles of the Black Company" turns out. Give us a little review when you're done. I'm headed to B&N today I think. Maybe I'll actually pick up a copy of "Catching Fire"...FINALLY! And there was that other one called "Rampant" that looked interesting. It's about rampaging unicorns. As a nod to my childhood I feel obligated to check it out. :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely getaway. Kudos to Joy!

    Nothing better than a leisurely stroll through B&N. I even like to smell the books, so fresh and new.

  3. I know your wife, so I know that you speak the truth. She is amazing.

    Why the heck did she marry you?

    Kidding, kidding!

  4. A question I come around to often, Deb.