Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thoughts That Lead to Ideas

I went camping over Labor Day weekend. It was a great time with tons of little kids and good friends. The adults laughed around the campfire 'til 1 am and the kiddies played hard and spoiled my dog.

Most everyone left, but another mom and I (both our husbands were MIA) took our kids further up the mountain for more adventure. We headed for Provo River Falls--they are amazing! Tumbling water over book-like cliffs. The water flows at a steady pace. They are spectacular with easy access.

Maybe that easy access is part of the problem. Since it was a holiday weekend the falls were very crowded. And the crowds consisted of mainly teenagers. I don't have a problem with teenagers--except when their choices effect my kids.

The teenagers were being reckless around the powerful falls. It led the two youngest in our party to be reckless. They were running through the intermittent pools of water (right on the edge of the falls); running up to the edge of the rocks and jumping down; and wanting to climb the cliffs across from the falls.

I thought for sure that we would arrive in Eagle Mountain with one less kid. And then how would the MIA father's feel? I about had a heart attack every few minutes watching these kids.

The other mother caught up to her boy at one point and asked "Why are you doing this?"

His answer is interesting: "I keep having these thoughts in my head that are giving me ideas."

I love that logic; although I do not love where his thoughts were leading him--right over the edge of the falls. I guess the object of parenting is to teach our kids which thoughts to encourage and which thoughts they should just ignore.


  1. Too true. I have that problem just for myself.

  2. There's nothing like those thoughts in your head giving you ideas. Happens to me all the time. Sometimes they're good ideas, sometimes...not so much :)

  3. That darn brain is always getting in the way.

  4. Glad you made it back with all of the kids.