Monday, September 28, 2009

The Internet Exchange

Remember the time when you had to do research and you'd get in the car, driven by your mom, to head out for the library and spend hours leafing through books in the research section until finally, finally finding the information that you need?

These days are in the past.

The Internet has made home research a reality. And tools like Google have perfected the method so if it takes longer than 2.6 seconds to get an answer, you just don't know the right question.

Sites like WebMD are a hypochondriac's best friend. Now they don't have to pay the $15 copay to find out what they don't have. Soon, doctor's won't be necessary, except for a pen and prescription pad. And when we need that prescription, we can just hop on to Facebook and send a message. Human contact optional.

A writer's job is made much easier with use of the Internet. So is a stalker's. It's pretty much a win/win for me...uhhh, not that I'm stalking anyone.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Internet. As time wasters go, it's a big one for me. A time saving tool that liberates me from hours of useless leafing in the library ends up taking twice as long, but I also get a lot more accomplished. So give me a huge Internet high-five and leave a comment. After all, that's what the Internet is for.


  1. I'm with you on the usefulness/time-wasting of the internet. Double-edged sword, that.
    But such a fun one.
    Any mom said not to play with sharp objects. ;)

  2. Hip Hip Hooray for the Internet time saving. So boring to actually write letters, grocery shop, go out for a movie, or step into a library. Now I can be my own travel agent, stoke broker, tax accountant, personal shopper, news reporter (ie Blogs), movie critic, legal secretary, medical researcher, and home decorator all with the touch of that magical internet button. Makes me feel much smarter. Talk about jack of all trades...that me and my computer.

    PS I didn't forget the last part of that phrase. 'master of none' fits here too.

  3. Dial-up is far too slow. But when I get on high-speed . . . now we're talking! WooHoo.

  4. I am frequently amazed at how much it has changed life as we know it in such a short time. I love it. But, I do use it to often as a diversion from working on my novel and need to practice more self-discipline. Like now. Bad me! Bad me!

  5. I must be tired. I used "to" instead of "too". Grammar nazis forgive me.

  6. I try to be very careful about how long I spend on my computer. Otherwise it sucks the life out of me.