Saturday, September 26, 2009

Autumn Memories

Autumn is here. It is my all-time favorite season. How about some stream of consciousness writing to pay tribute to Autumns past and present? Please join me if you wish.

...class lists, freshly sharpened pencils, shopping for new clothes, lunch boxes, chilled air, picking apples in Oak Glen, Santa Ana winds, ollie ollie oxen free, running from house to house trick-or-treating, the smell of wood burning, crunching leaves, walking to school, latest crush, yelling at football games, family gatherings, Grandma's rolls, Mom's mashed potatoes, mountain treks, acorns, pinecones, Utah snow, new students, counting the days until Christmas, breath coming out as fog, Gardner Village, carmel apples, hot chocolate, witches everywhere, good movies, deer, antelope, great sunsets...


  1. hi dropping by :) nice blog u have here.

  2. hmmmm . . . I love fall too. Here's some of mine: Boutique, cinnomon rolls, fake fall colors, real fall colors, FOOTBALL, marching band, fight song, rain, cheerleader fake out, apples, apple crisp, rain, no sun, bright red, pumpkins, pirates, doughnuts, corn maze

    I'll stop now. Thanks Linda, that was great to think about Fall. It is my favorite season too.

  3. The smell of rain, leaves falling, jacket weather...and have we mentioned football?? :) Glad to see we've all mentioned that marvelous beginning to the fall season.

    Hey Chris, thanks for dropping in!

  4. Apple cider and cinnamon donuts, sweaters, changing landscapes, cloudy sunsets. The absolute best was fall warm winds on semi chilled Vegas nights. The air temperature drops but the desert wind blows warm instead of cold. It's like a hug. Love it.

    Football...meh. (dodges rotten apples from all other inkers.)