Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inkers and Voice

Last night the great Inker's met for our monthly writers group. As I visited with a fellow Inker, she mentioned that the inaugural meeting was one year ago with Donna, Debbie, and Arlene. Kirk, Linda, and I (DJ) started coming the next month. I think we need cake.

How I came to be a part of this elite group is sheer magic (or was it eavesdropping?). Donna and I were both at a "girls' night" and were standing around the chocolate fountain. She was talking to Kirk's lovely wife Joy about the writers' group, asking if Joy or Kirk (or Koy Jirk as I will now call them) would like to join. My fabulous eavesdropping ears perked up and I rudely butt in, exclaiming, "Donna, you know I love to write! I want to come." Since Donna is too nice to ever refuse anyone, I was allowed to come. I am the least experienced and least knowledgeable, but I do love it. And I LOVE learning from everyone else. (Plus I had to change my email to gmail and that has made all the difference.)

Debbie taught a great lesson on voice last night. Then she gave us the challenge of defining our own personal voice. Are you deep? (No.) Are you suspenseful? (No.) Are you serious? (If by serious you mean boring, maybe.) Are you funny? (I think I'm hilarious, but that doesn't come through my writing.)

I think I may fail the easiest assignment yet! I don't know what my voice is. See, it was just eavesdropping that got me here . . . only time will tell if their genius will rub off on me. :)

What is your voice like? Deep and gravely, or sweet and sincere, like a dove or like a crow?


  1. My voice is like Morgan Freeman's. And there was much rejoicing.

  2. Does that mean you are evil in a dark suit and mostly machine because you were burned in a volcano? I'm just sayin'.

  3. Hurrah for our group! I think we've all made good progress in that time. Thanks to Donna for putting us all together.

    Sidenote - I LOVE Morgan Freeman! He is the man.

  4. Donna isn't too nice to refuse anyone. In fact, she told me her refusal speech the other day (it's much nicer than mine, by the way). So you are meant to be an Inker!

    I think Graham's voice is medieval warrior meets The Sound of Music. Tough, yet sweet, with a dose of cheesy. And I mean that in the BEST way possible :)

  5. Sound of Music? Ouch! Why can't it be medieval warrior with a touch of Chuck Norris? Tough, yet brutal, with a touch of testosterone?

    ;-) thanks Deb hahaha

  6. My voice is brooding and serious. Wuthering Heights meets The Hunger Games. At least today it is.

    I don't know if I'd go with the Sound of Music for Graham. Then again, I've never seen him sing or dance...

  7. Graham can jig like you wouldn't believe. His singing voice is only mediocre, but I guess he had to choose between bewitching pipes and good looks.

  8. I've only met Graham a time or two, but I can see the gig in him ;)

  9. DJ, you forgot the initial response to your request.
    DJ-"Donna, you know I love to write."
    Donna- "Um...Really? Cause I'm pretty sure that I'm an egotistical beast who completely forgot that you like to write."
    DJ- "I wanta come to writer's group."
    Donna-"Shwoo, you're in. We meet on Tuesday."
    In a stage whisper, 'And thanks for not holding it against me for the rest of your life that I totally overlooked your talent and forgot to invite you to the first meeting.'

    Our group would not be the same without you. We would be much less bubbly. (I'm currently reading Pretties by Scott Westerfield. See the book for the true definition of bubbly. Apparently, Kirk, it is rubbing off on me after all.)

  10. There be a reason why they call me rose colored glasses

  11. Fall is decending and the pirates in me house are gettin a might gittery--hence the pirate talk.

    But that same pirate is even worse when within a hundred leagues of Las Vegas--then he starts talkin like the Kind of Rock N Roll.