Thursday, September 24, 2009

What if...

What if we had no necks?

What if suddenly the universe tilted and colors started to run together? (We'd live in a Dr. Suess Book.)

What if Albert Einstein had never lived?

What if music only consisted of 3 notes?

What if all the books in the world suddenly disintergrated?

What if... (you come up with some.)


  1. What if we all see colors differently, but because we have been taught what certain colors are to our own eyes, my blue is your green, and your purple is my red.

  2. What if we could only use our left brain?

  3. What if electricity didn't exist? Or what if we physically couldn't run? Or...I'm done.

  4. I have laways considered the color thing. Logically speaking, it could be true.

    What if when you shined a flashlight or lazer pointer, only you could see it?

    What if you ate one tiny piece of glitter . . .would it kill you? What if it took years to kill you? Would you drop dead one day with no warning?

    What if lightning hit your swimming pool while you were in it? Or one of your enemies?

    What if you could talk to the dove's and they told you who was playing at the playground down the street?

    What if a giant clock tower showed up at a rural intersection? Is it ruled by aliens? Could you destroy the aliens in you turned the clock tower into cardboard?

    What if all people who keep their mouth slightly open at rest were retarded? (Sorry for the term, I try to stay away from it)

    These were all wonderings of my mind as a little girl younger than 9.

  5. What if trees chopped down people?

    What if cars ran on pure awesome?

    What if you could blow up your neighbor's house every time you sneezed?

    What if that which did not kill you in a physical sense literally DID make you stronger? (Masochists would be immune to all but kryptonite, that's what)

    What if the only way to keep your house from burning down was to fistfight a four year-old...with brass knuckles? (That's a Dan Wells for ya ;-)

    What if, indeed...

  6. DJ plays this game all too often. Graham if trees chopped down people then they would rule the world. My car does run on awesome what are you talking about?

  7. If cars ran on awesome then I'd never have to pay for gasoline again!

  8. I've always wondered about the colors and how someone else might see completely different than me.

  9. So here is my extended theory on the whole color thing: What if we all see colors differently . . .yadda yadda yadda . . . what if with that everyone's favorite color was the same. We wouldn't call it the same, becuase we see colors differently, but everyone really loved red, but we all called it a different color. hmmmmmm