Thursday, October 8, 2009

3..2..1 Blastoff

Tuesday night in the pristine 15th Street Gallery in Salt Lake City the official launch of The Maze Runner took place with a signing at the King's English two doors down after the reading. James Dashner has been anxiously awaiting the release of his new book and as his friends the Inkers all want to wish him the best of luck.

In the photo above there are a few visitors to our site. From left to right we have "Graham Chops" (the token male in the party, since Kirk couldn't be there.), Moi aka the Crimson Sprite, Debbie aka Vermilion Vixen, my beautiful friend Lizz aka KBT(kick butt trainer), and Melinda our new friend who graced us with her presence at dinner as well.(It was a blast getting to know you Melinda.)
Oh and of course the slightly nervous looking man in the chair is James Dashner.(His uncomfortable expression sprang from an accidental bashing over the head in the picture taken immediately prior to this one. Okay so maybe it wasn't so 'accidental.' Toughen up, James=)

The King's English is an enchanting bookstore with as much character as the books it houses. I can't wait to go back. Hopefully we will be revisiting the store on December 22 for Bree Despain's book launch of "The Dark Divine." Can't wait to read that too.

One of the funnest parts of hangin' at TKE is looking at all the book covers. The mysterious green and black tones of The Maze Runner cover compliment the story and we discussed again the fantastic cover for The Dark Divine. So what's your favorite new book cover? Have you seen anything interesting?


  1. The YA section at my B&N is ghastly right now. It's all paranormal vampire stuff. I don't mind vampire books, in fact I quite like them, but the covers are way too seductive for teens. At least some of them are.

  2. The cover that came to mind immediately is the Bridget Jones' Diary cover. It's quirky and fun (eyes and a red lipsticked mouth over blank journal pages).

    Looks like a great time at the King's English. I love that store. Also, FYI for Eagle Mountainers, we may be getting an independent bookstore in the retail center in The Ranches soon.

  3. I had a GREAT time at the launch party. Melinda, it was awesome to hang with you. And Graham, thanks for letting me use your chair as an armrest.

    Good times, good times!

  4. So, I read the line "The black and green cover compliments the story" as " cover compliments the store" as in the King's Enlish Store. I thought that was pretty impressive to have your book cover compliment a whole store's design theme. Wow. My brain is proven by the near misses today in all the places I was supposed to be and had forgotten. (I made it to almost all of them, except when I double-booked myself.)

  5. Hi Inkers! It was so fun to see you at James's party. You guys are a total hoot! So where's the picture of Debbie kicking James in the head with her Dark Divine painted toes? I totally want that pic for my own collection.