Friday, October 23, 2009

Life of a Deer

So one of my highlights of the week was not hitting a deer that lunged out in front of me as I was tearing down the road at 70 mph. Jimbo the Deer had probably started his morning with a hot cup of coffee or five, had decided he'd get an early start foraging for green sustenance on the north side of the highway, and was just making his frenetic journey across the sagebrush when he suddenly sees some maniacal creature with blazing yellow eyes tearing at him at no less than 70 miles per hour. His life probably flashed before his eyes: the time he took the young bucks and does to Tree World, the time he and Penelope the Deer had their wild getaway to Tooele, the time he got his first job as alpha buck of the Saratoga Springs South Herd . . . What a life he's led!

Almost snuffed out by a crazy human who likes to drive too dang fast for his own good.


  1. Aaaah, Hitting Deer.

    A little History of Early Eagle Mountain . . .
    The first year we were out here (the winter of '99-'00) at any given time there were at least 50 dead deer along SR 73. It was a sad time in EM history. I learned all about their digerstive system, since it was strewn across the road. I learned all about decay as I watched the carcass change from a recently alive creature into spring grass.

    We've hit a few as well. Out on 73 one totalled our big van. It was a great exp. The only damage was to the body. The insurance totaled it and we got to buy the wreck back. That deer paid off our car loan and we still had enough to fix the silly cosmetics :)

    My worst thing about hitting deer is the remeaining fur left behind. Kinda makes me dry-heave.

    Glad you are safe, Kirk, and that your car is safe.

  2. Nice defensive driving Kirk! Also, congrats to Jimbo for living to see another day in the Saratoga Springs South herd.

    My sole car/deer encounter didn't end as well. We were on the freeway up in Park City and it was totally dark, so we didn't see it coming until a split second before it ran into our car. I've got the image of the deer's face, as it was about to hit, freeze-framed in my mind. It had the same expression as the Dean's horse in the scene from Animal House where,as part of an initiation prank, Flounder is told to shoot the horse in the Dean's office(the gun is loaded with blanks), and even though he just fires the gun in the air, the horse has a heart attack and dies.

  3. The remaining fur left behind, DJ???

    That's just sick. Made me laugh so hard, I nearly spit hot chocolate onto my computer screen.

  4. "Mlauughhhhh!"

    This is the sound of a deer getting hit by the Congers HUGE van or by Linda's car.

  5. I've never hit a deer in my life. I HAVE, however, driven through enough deer guts to make a really realistic horror film.