Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Farewell To Arms

My two year old hurt his arm on Saturday. My husband was teaching class so that left me to get four kids and myself out the door for the thirty minute drive to the doctor's office before they closed at noon. I was frazzled and, I'll admit, emotional.

My daughter, helpful as always, gave updates from the backseat of the car.

Daughter: (Pokes two year old's arm)
Two Year Old: OWIE!!! (And there was much crying)
Daughter: I think his arm really hurts, mom.

Right. Thanks.

While at the doctor's office, it was determined we should get an x-ray. My conversation with the nurse went like this:

Nurse: Is there any possibility you might be pregnant?
Me: No. Are you asking because I'm emotional?
Nurse: Uhhh, no. (Gives me an odd look) I'm asking because we're going into the x-ray room.

Oh. X-ray + Pregnant = Bad. Perhaps frazzled wasn't a strong enough word.

The arm turned out to be fine, just a sprain, and the two year old was already using it again by the time we left the office.

That was my day. All in all, not a horrible way to spend a Saturday morning. Much better, in fact, than slitting my wrists, or playing referee to the Saturday morning cartoon battle.

Not horrible, but I wouldn't recommend it!


  1. Ya know, you have several friends just a few houses down that could have helped.

    I'm just sayin'

  2. I would have loved to see you frazzeled. You are always so calm and collected.

    Steve becomes EXTRA frazzeled when one of our kids are hurt--which is really funny because of his job...he's always so calm at work, even if bones are sticking out, etc. But if its one of ours he's a mess. If its me, he's all "Just suck it up!" Even if a 3in peice of wood is sticking out on both sides of my foot.

  3. Oh yeah... I remember the wood incident :)

    And thanks for the reminder that I do have friends that can help. Sometimes we (and I say "we" meaning "I") would do well to remember that there are people around who are willing to help. Guess I DON'T have to do everything on my own.

  4. One of my lil' dudes broke an arm recently and it sucked. They asked me the same thing going into the x-ray and reacted almost the same way!

  5. It's so hard to see the kidlets suffer. You did great just to get him to the doctor on your own.

    Love the x-ray dialogue. You should have told her one pregnancy per year is enough. :)

  6. Yeah, what Rose said about friends down the street. Silly. Glad you survived and this will as always make for great pathos when you next face a scene in your story full of anxiety.

  7. I'm coming in late, I know, but really, you need to pick up the phone. These things are always easier with other people to help share the pain.