Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us!!!!!!

That's right! The Eagle Mountain Writing Group has officially made it through it's first year! Happy Birthday to US!

Now is a great moment to point out why having a writing group is the best. So, here I go:

1. Accountability. I might make a goal and achieve it...or not, but either way I have to tell SOMEONE what I'm doing. (side note-embarrassment is hard to get over for me, so accountability is a great motivator).

2. When I have a crappy day, week, month with writing they understand and they're the first ones to tell me to keep going.

3. I always know I can get an honest critique out of them. If what I wrote sucks, they will certainly let me know. Can't get better if I don't know what I'm doing wrong, right?

Here's the part where I ask you guys what you like about your writing group, book club etc. No matter what group you're a part of, feel free to comment. :)


  1. Groups/Clubs/ORganizations: Hmmmmmmm

    PTA/School COmmunity Council: I LOVE because I know what is going on in my school and I help me educated decisions about the direction of that school. Plus I learn about what's going on in the district. And I get to help and make a difference.

    Neighborhood Watch: Hearing all the gossip from the deputy in charge.

    Drama Club: I get to use a small talent and help kids. The best is when 7th graders come back and tell me all about their real drama class in Jr High. The finished product is AMAZING.

    Writing Magic: I'm not sure yet, but I get to spend time with one of my best friends and help kids--what could be better?

    Writers Group: Amazing, a big amen to everything Scarlet said. Accountability, cheerleaders, critics. What's not to love?

    Can't think of what other groups I'm in...

  2. Happy Birthday, Inkers!

    So...why do I love our group? Because one year ago I wanted to start writing again, but wasn't sure if I had the time, the motivation, or the courage. Props to Donna who helped gather an eclectic mix of people, all with different styles, to come together and share something we love. Writing. And now I am writing a novel, something I am excited about, something I've made the time for, and something our group keeps encouraging me to finish.

    Thanks to my group, and to all the writers out there who've helped me know that I'm doing what I love.

  3. Happy Birthday Eagle Mountain Crit Group!

  4. Hurrah for us! Seriously, thanks to everyone for the encouragement. I too am happy to have a project that I continue to work on and not stuff into a drawer to be forgotten for months/years.

  5. YAY! INKERS/ EM Writers. In the last year we have done some great things. Here are some of the achievements and fun things:
    Attending LTUE
    Entering short story contest
    Winning short story contest
    Finishing a novel, collectively beginning 5 more
    Attending LDS Stormakers and CONduit, and Writing for Charity
    Dining with Carol Lynch Williams, James Dashner, Aprilynne Pike, Tristi Pinkston, and other authors to pick their creative brains.
    Designing and starting this blog
    And of course the ninja training and culinary lessons on how to bake, eat and get over our wrathberry pies.
    It's been a good start. I love hanging out with all of you. Seriously, we are the Fellowship of the Pen, thrown together by fate. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  6. Way to go, y'alls!

    And don't worry Arlene: even if they won't tell you whether what you wrote sucks, you can count on me to be the bearer of bad news :-)