Monday, October 26, 2009

Commercial Hour

I have kids. Consequently, at this time of year, I can't turn on the TV without being bombarded by the phrase, "I want that!" Toy manufacturers, knowing that Christmas is on the way, flood the airwaves with the latest and greatest in the world of play time.

Let the commercialization begin!

My two year old has caught on to the "I want that" spirit, now noticing and watching commercials when previously he could have cared less.

Even Halloween has become commercial with costumes, corn mazes, haunted houses, decorations, and the glorious candy. It's all so expensive! Have you seen how much it costs to go to a haunted house these days?

WARNING: Old geezer talk ahead.

What happened to the good ol' days when you'd throw together a costume from stuff you found around the house and make your own spook alley, complete with "spaghetti" brains and "grape" eyeballs? Those days, I'm afraid, might be gone.


  1. This is the first year that our kids have started saying that. It makes me appreciate commercial-free television so much more...

  2. That is why the DVR is the greatest invention related to pop culture ever! We try to use that as much as we can, but we still get the requests for the fancy remote controlled car racing set when he's earned a "treat" at the store.

    I agree with you "geezer" that the homemade Halloween stuff is much more fun.

  3. I just like the candy...oh wait! I mean, my KIDS just like the candy. That's what I meant.

  4. Hooray for no TV at my house. We never have to deal with commercials. My poor kids are soo far behind the times they think Halloween is about putting on last year's costume and going to the trunk or treat and Christmas always come from a box marked CANADA from grandma. Sorry your life is getting complicated these days good luck with the "I want that." In my house I'm the one that says that the most.

  5. I've been without a TV for the better part of a year now and I don't really see a reason to get one. But then, I don't have kids either, so hahahaha....

    And speaking of expensive, I tried to take a girl to the Haunted Forest a few weeks back...twenty bucks a head! Forget that noise.

  6. I hate marketing. Really.

    My kids are all about being vampires this year. Why? Because of those fake plastic teeth. One look and that's all they needed to decide.

  7. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! And dince I have finished making Lucy's oh so cute Tinkerbell Princess costume, I can say, with a sigh of relief, that I love comlicated costumes . . . but ours are always homemade (Almost). Steve did buy his wicked hat and I bought my evil hat. I love being pirates with Steve.

    It did cost us an arm at Cornbellies . . .but it was SOOOO fun.

    I can handle Halloween . . . but Christmas, ugh. The good part about this time of year versus the rest of the year is that I can say, well ask Santa for that . . . and then they forget. I convinced them tonight that they don't really want toys this year. :)

  8. Do you like my typing skills? Sorry.

  9. L.T., I have a little vampire this year too. And two bats. And Harry Potter.