Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'm doing some research for a character who has a lot of pet peeves. It is interesting to me what can set some people off.

One of mine is people who wear socks with sandals. It's just not right.

One of my husand's is when people who are involved in a charitable cause say, "If what we're doing helps just one person, it's worth it."

Care to share some of yours?


  1. I think my biggest pet peeve is people who can't use apostrophes correctly. Apostrophe rules are taught in, what, 4th grade? I also get bugged by people who think that The Bachelorette is good entertainment. And people who give a hoot about Jon & Kate. Oh, and people who say "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less." And lately I hate people who don't show up to their math class, then ask me THREE WEEKS LATER - after I've posted solutions online - if they can make up the quiz they missed.

    =) Annalee

  2. I grew up in Seattle, where the socks and sandals thing is king. Whool socks and birks. Aah what a beautiful thing with hairy legs and three different skirts and a flannel and wool sweater to tie it all together. Maybe a tie-dye as well and some dreds.

    Speaking of Dreds . . . I was downtown today and this beautiful black man had amamzing dreads and he put diamond rings throughout them. I was mesmarized.

    OK back to pet peeves: Can't think of any. My best friend as a kid (his name is Drew) had lots of them. He wouldn't let his mother kiss him, he would bite anyone who said feet, and he would hurt you if you showed him bare feet.

    Steve's pet peeve is aliens.

  3. Pet peeves? I have a multitude. They include, but are not limited to: wrinkled sheets, whiners, movies that have bad endings, and people who scrape their fork on their teeth when they eat.

    Annalee, what lovely pet peeves you have. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. I notice a lot of people from Utah do this: when they're listening to you talk or answer a question, they parrot everything back to you like so:

    Person: "So are you in school?"
    Graham: "No, I quit school to start a business."
    Person: "Oh did you?"
    Graham: (...) Um...yes. And I'm trying to get publish."
    Person: "Oh are you?"
    Graham: (!!!) Um...yes. And I think I'll take a stick to your head now."
    Person: "Oh will you?"

    Then when people don't drive on offense, that's annoying too. There are plenty of defensive drivers out there...take advantage of them and use your gas pedal. Sheesh.

  5. You people make me laugh!

    Annalee, I love your pet peeves, especially the apostrophe one. :)

    My pet peeves are:

    Yeah, right! Like I'm gonna tell!

  6. Annalee, you had me checking my apostrophes. I think I passed! :)