Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow and A Hectic Life

The first flakes of snow fell today.

They were delicate at first and falling from a blue sky. My children and I wondered at where they were coming from.

As night crept in the flakes became fiercer, as though now under the mask of darkness they could show their true power.

The night turned black with flashes of blizzard flying snow.

The grass fell victim to some of the crystals, but the warm earth quickly dispatched the weak flakes when they touched down.

The sadness of the first snow is this: I was too busy rushing from here to there to anywhere and nowhere, that I missed savoring the first snow of winter.

What has become of me that I missed the first snow?

Hopefully when the first "real" snow comes, I will be able to stop whatever I am doing and relish in the new snow: Walk through it in warm snow boots; look into the sky and watch the falling flakes like falling stars; shovel the walk and hear the crunch of ice; then curl up in a window with a good book and a warm blanket and watch the snow from the warmth of home.


  1. Just think of it like that Crocodile Dundee movie.

    "Mick, give him your wallet!"


    "He's got a knife!"

    "That's not a knife. THAT'S a knife."

    That's not snow, DJ...

  2. Good point, Graham :)

    DJ, you forgot an important part of curling up in the warmth of your home. Hot chocolate!

  3. I'm, sadly, not a HUGE hot chocolate fan. I know I should be shot for such treason, but alas, tis the truth.

    I know it wasn't real snow, but it was still something that you could tip your head back and watch the flakes fly. That is the best part of being in snow. Watching the graceful dance of flakes spiraling to their melting death.

  4. I'm with Blush and Scrooge on this one. I'd like the first snow to be the last snow and the only good snow falls on Christmas Eve in really giant flakes that melt off the roads before anyone has to travel on them.

    Loved your imagery though, Rose.

  5. I like snow until January. Then I hate it. And this year I might actually have to drive in it. In a normal year I walk the kids on snowy days and then we hunker down and enjoy. This year no matter what else I have to pick up Drew from school . . .UGH! One of the many reasons I didn't want her to go to that school. :( There is my BAH!