Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Love Halloween

It's Halloween night in this wood.

Anything can happen and it could,

The moon looks on with a smile of cheese.

Werewolves howl and growl and tease.

Witches' brew boils and bubbles.

Scarecrows screech with their troubles.

Dracula smiles his toothy grin.

The skeleton looks for his skin.

The scary cats will jump and play,

And hairy bats will swing and sway.

In this wood its time to scare,

Halloween comes again this year.


  1. I love this poem! I'm so glad you posted it for us all to enjoy. :)

  2. Halloween is great! My husband finds such joy in scaring little kids. He actually scared one kid so bad that the poor little guy turned to his dad and said ,"I peed".

    Halloween isn't officially here until someone pees their pants.

  3. I like, "The skeleton looks for his skin". Good line!

    I've always loved Halloween, but it seems like the last few years we always get sick at Halloween time. If you want to see something really scary, come to my house and see me, unshowered, in the throws of a bad cold.

  4. The skeleton looks for his skin...but his name is Achmed the dead terrorist, and he'll never find it! :-D

    Great poem. Really captures the Halloween air. I love this time of year; it's like every holiday gets bigger and bigger until you hit Christmas, and then it's like BAM! Start over!

  5. Halloween is probably in the top 3 for my favorite holidays. I loved the poem. It nails everything that this time of year should be about!