Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2: No slackers here:)

It's 11 pm so I'm posting on behalf of those who want to post comments under day 2!! This is in no way a coup d'etat or usurpation of Graham's powers. Okay so I can see how it might be a bit of a coup, but I hope we can avoid bloodshed.

Post your word counts:
1) today
2) total
3) Your most amazing moment of the day!!


  1. 335 words
    468 words
    Amazing that I even wrote today. Every word is progress.

  2. 1- 549
    2- 863
    3- “Do I know you?” Damien squinted, as if scrunching his eyes might help him identify the beautiful girl standing above him. Apparently he didn’t remember she was the one who put him in the hospital.

  3. 70

    I breathed normally again, but with each breath the protein bar I'd wolfed down during my surveillance period came dangerously close to revisiting my mouth.

    I love reading everyone's snippets. So fun.

  4. 2,011

    “Come clean, we’ve heard the worst of it,” his mom said. She patted the couch next to her. Cade sat down and Aunt Ginny sat next to him.
    “What do you know?” he hazarded.
    “Oh no, you tell us all,” she looked down at Cade.

  5. Yeah I'm an hour behind you guys, I need to get this post up sooner in the day. I'll figure something out.



    3)I finished writing the first high school football game scene that I've written since...well, high school. And this time I actually know stuff about football!

  6. 1) 1180

    2) I don't know.

    Bet you're wishing for a little Strength right now, aren't you?" she asked, the barest hint of amusement in her voice. She rose from her position by the fire, pulling the stick out of it as she came. It's end was red and piping hot. "No kid from the city comes up here, with three brand new Marks, on a dare. You're from Lilith's school." She walked in big, slow strides to where he was kneeling. Drawing the brand so near to his cheek that he could feel the heat coming off of it, she wafted it under his nose so that the smoke choked him.

  7. Yeah, I posted my count for today here because I'm going out and I didn't want to forget. :)