Friday, November 9, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 9: Gristle McThornbody!

Fact: if you have a "tank" character in your book--a big tough person who can take pain and deal out damage with swift carelessness--and don't know what to name them, you can use any of the blog post names from Inking Cap throughout the month of November. It will be awesome.

1) Did you reach your goal today?

2) Give a big hug to your fam & friends for supporting you throughout this endeavor.

3) I recommend checking out the NaNoWriMo Twitter feed for more motivation.

4) Is there a book to which you would compare your current WiP?


  1. Yes! My goal was to get at least 500 words and I did 505.



    Um, not sure of a book, but I'd like to compare it to the classic movie His Girl Friday.

  2. 1- Sort of. My goal is to write every day, which I did, but my word count was low.

    2- Check.

    3- Check.

    4- I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but there are a couple of my books on my "to-be-read" list that have similar elements.

  3. My radio silence is not an oversight. I have not been writing outside of work stuff. I plan to gets chunk of writing in tomorrow.

    I would compare my WIP to a Georgette Heyer novel., Sylvester or Masqueraders.

  4. 1. nope
    3. I've tried twitter and it bugs me. :)
    4. No, but most MG have similar elements.