Sunday, November 11, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Sunday Edition

Forgive me, I wasn't able to throw up a boatload of posts in advance this Sunday, so I'll just have to wing it.

1) Where are you at in relation to your goal so far?

2) Did you get anything written today?

3) What's your overall impression of the NaNo experience up to now?

For the record, I wish I could write in my current WiP as easily as I write my personal history, but it's just a given that that is going to be easier. I'm much more knowledgeable about my personal history, and snark covers a multitude of sins.

Like this crime against fashion, for example.

Ladies, contain yourselves.

So yeah. If I'll say anything about it, I'll say this much: keep it up. Don't let 11 days be your max. You can all reach your goal in 30 days, no matter how high or low you set it. (My personal best for any NaNo is 103K, in 2008. I don't expect I'll ever do that again, because I was single and had non-interventionist roommates.)

Keep it up. You got this.


  1. I'm at 18,600 and threw down about 2400 today. That's only because my personal history is coming together quickly.

  2. Was deathly sick with strep this day but managed to write a few hundred words in my personal journal.

    I love the NaNo concept. It has motivated me to get going on a new story. Wish I had more time/energy to write. Another hang up for me is I have trouble throwing words down and not editing as I go. I live in fear of major rewrites.