Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaNo Day 14: Crud Bonemeal!

1) What did you write today?

2) What flaws does your main character have?

3) Make your antagonist and protagonist switch roles. Anything interesting happen?

'Bout how large would you say my shirt is in this 2001 photo?


  1. Finally had a decent emotional scene that will be a good turning point in the first act. Editing it will make it more good.

    My main character is a little judgmental of others, though he's waging a silent campaign of social change. He'll have to realize that eventually.

    There are a number of antagonists, one of whom is female. So I'm not sure what to make of that.

  2. I wrote nothing outsideof work stuff. My numbers are atrocious. Planning to change that though.

  3. Still stuck. Emotionally I need to be in the zone to write. I know weak sauce.

    My main character isn't fleshed out enough yet. He's 11. He's new and nervous.

    My antagonist came out of no where--she was supposed to be a main supporter, but she is a cruel teacher. (which makes her name, Mrs. Bright, really fun now)

  4. Nada

    Self-centered, quick to judge/label others

    Hmmm, could make it a gay romance

    That photo really makes me feel my age. You were a child in 2001!