Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 6: Roll Fizzlebeef!

Pro tips for tracking your NaNo word count:

1) Never delete anything that you've already written! Just go back and strike it out, or color them red, then write after that. You wrote those words, you should count them! It's like Thomas Edison and the light bulb: he found thousands of ways to not make a light bulb, but he was still working. You're just finding ways to not write your book but you're still working and it still counts.

2) Create a new document called "NaNo 2012 Dump." After you're done writing for the day, copy and paste what you've written into the Dump document. I do this because my outline and my draft are two different documents, but I often write a more detailed outline of the chapter before I write the actual chapter, and I want my effort to count. This helps me track it more accurately.

I suspect that you Wrimos might have higher word counts than you've been reporting (not that you haven't been doing a stellar job thus far!)

Now for the standard stuff.

1) Word count today?

2) Word count total?

3) Would you like to live in the place where your book is set?

That's all, folks! Back to work!


  1. Word count for the day: 385, but I'm sort of still working so that number might be higher in a little while.

    I still haven't added up my whole WIP. I'll get around to that one of these days.

    Yes, I would live in the world I created. Maybe? I can't decide. It's kind of a rough place right now. Lots of dangerous people running things. But, it has potential to be awesome. So, there's that.

  2. 804
    6287 + my Sunday writing. (Which I need to import into this file to keep it real)
    I would live there--its Maryland, with a non-terrorizing ghost.

    I've got several sections that are highlighted red that are going in the trash later. :) Thanks for the tips.

    Also, within my WIP is the picture book I wrote today. Its cutesy.

  3. 161
    My book is set in Colorado...so not too different from where I live now.

  4. 141


    I've already lived there- LA, and to some degree yes,I would live there again, especially if I could live on the beach. :)