Friday, November 23, 2012

NaNo Day 23: On This, the Blackest of Fridays

I think you're gonna need a bigger sword.

Editing your NaNo WiP is no easy chore. So do the American thing and put it off until you have to do it!

Right now you are merely planting and growing the sapling that will later become an overgrown elm, spewing sludge onto your front lawn and busting the foundation of your home with its unruly roots.

The important thing to realize is this: you can't prune a tree that isn't there. Neither can you burn it to the ground. You have to create something before you can fix/destroy it as necessary.

So DO NOT EDIT. This is NaNo-WRI-Mo.

1) How many words have you not edited today? This month?

2) Can you name the character in the above photo?

3) How big a sword will you need to edit your WiP?

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