Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NaNo Day 13: Fridge LargeMeat!

1) How far off-track are you? (Or how far ahead?)

2) Have you gotten any new book ideas along the way?

3) Would you write your book from the POV of one of your side characters? Why or why not?

First word that comes to mind when you see this:


  1. Ugh. Crappy writing day.

    1) Still on track, my average is 1624 (target average is 1667.) Just get so bloody tired at the end of the day, and the freaking dog won't let me work.

    2) Yeah. I will write it as a palate cleanser when I finish this one.

    3) Yes: Jimmy Allred, the backup Fullback. He gets his moment, and his perspective on the story would be interesting.

    4) Hobo Claus

  2. Blond.....

    Totally not on track.

    I did get a short story idea that I'll probably work on for fun some time.

    My cast of characters is kind of big, so yeah, I'd write from a different perspective. I like the character who's perspective I'm in now, though. It keeps the story a little lighter.

  3. you look like a ninja slumming it for a shot with Santa.

    Completely off track. wanted 30,000 words by now. UGH!

    I wrote a picture book last week. So yeah.

    I would love to write it from the perspective of the ghost.

  4. Way off track

    No new ideas, trying to stay focused on one thing

    Could be written from the love interest's POV but it's really Melanie's story

    What the heck are you wearing?? You are a brave man.